With Baggit bags, it’s fifty shades of sophistication!


Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman, Miranda Kerr…every style icon leaves her impression not only for the clothes she wears but also for the bags she chooses for completing the look. Even without flaunting bold prints and loud colours, these fashion gurus look equally stunning and stylish!
Ladies! Here’s putting it mildly: You no longer need bags with loud colours and bold prints to stand out in a crowd. Shades like tan, teal, dark brown, blush, black, dark blue, grey, etc. weave the same magic and put you in the spotlight as might loud shades and garish prints. The rule of thumb is to choose the right bag with the right outfit.
For example, Consider pairing a bag with your beige formal dress. Here you need to be cautious because when it comes to office wear, jazz and glam are a big no-no. However, you are free to experiment with colours. So How about complimenting the professional side of you with a dark brown satchel bag? A lovely colour that aptly matches your beige dress and you can be assured of swaying the business your way!

When you go out for a shopping spree, keeping it casual yet trendy is the key to pairing your denims with a white shirt. And to balance the bright mood, what could be better than carrying a tan backpack? Because it is huge in size, you can accommodate many things inside it, and keep your hands free to pick the right outfits from the shelves.

Evenings with your girlfriends can never be complete without a cosmopolitan and little black dress. Aren’t these wonderful occasions just a reason to show off your naughty side and spend the night hitting the dance floor? To get the eyeballs rolling, a blush clutch fits the bill well. You can also add a bit of jazz to the carefree side of you by pairing the colour of your clutch with that of your stilettos. Voila! You have just got the recipe for a girl’s night out!

Travelling out of the city means opening doors to new experiences. You need to pack light, be relaxed and comfortable in order to make the most of your on-foot city tours. To satiate the growing wanderlust in you, consider pairing your jumpsuit and hoop earrings with a teal cross-body sling or a comfy grey bucket bag. In addition to making a statement, these bags provide you with the freedom to navigate. Have fun, explorer!
So you see, it’s not a golden rule to stick to traditionalism. Even by embracing a monochromatic and neutral palette, you can look as wonderful and sophisticated as you do when flaunting prints and bold colours. As far as the outfit you choose to wear blends well with the colour and shape of your bag, you are good to go.

And to help you achieve this sophistication, bags from Baggit with their lovely monochromes help you stand a class apart. Irrespective of the occasion you choose to flaunt them at, these timeless pieces of elegance definitely fetch you a thumbs-up from the fashion police. Whatever your style requirements – adventure, casual, formal, semi-formal, chic, relaxed, boho, contemporary, sporty – we have them covered for you because at Baggit, it’s about fifty shades of sophistication!

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