What your favourite bag style says about you


Ever thought about how the bag you use provides tacit cues about your personality? Read on to know what your favourite bag style says about you.
The ‘tote’lly organized soul
You’re always ready for challenges that life may bombard you with. A bit too organized in life (as if there is such a thing as too organized), it also means that you’re not quite a spontaneity buff. Because a tote bag is highly spacious inside, it’s almost as if you are carrying your world on your shoulders! If you were to ever step out of the home without your highly valued tote, we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt naked and vulnerable!
A satchel for the determined Rachel
You’re highly ambitious; your farsightedness knows no bounds. Because you are completely initiative-driven, you are the ideal epitome of an accomplished woman. Adeptly balancing both personal and professional life, you get the best of both worlds with poise. The many compartments in the satchel bag give you enough room to categorize things in a neat and tidy manner, just like the way you prefer!
Clutch it with a blush
Your chic attitude makes you a true fashionista. A minimalist who likes too much of nothing, you are one extraordinary woman who can differentiate between needs and wants. Your beloved clutch holds only the basic essentials like car keys, lipstick, mobile and some cash. Less is more is your mantra, and you follow it with sheer classiness. ‘Simplicity is efficiency, efficiency is doing things hassle-free’ is your motto.
Bling it with a cross-body sling
You are fun-loving and extrovert. You love being the centre of attraction and generally have a positive attitude towards life. You’re less concerned about the jazz and glamour of the outside world, all that’s dear to you is near to you in your sling bag. You’re a self-empowered woman and would never hesitate to stand your ground when it comes to proving your mettle!
Buckle up the trouble with a bucket bag
You’re content and happy with your bright little world. Despite being an introvert, your compassionate nature makes you a magnet attracting troubled people, and you are someone who has the most non-judgmental solutions to everything. Your bucket bag contains all that you’d practically need in the day, and though you’re anything but a party animal, people love you for your kind nature.
Stay carefree with a backpack
You love adventure. Always experimenting new things, you celebrate life and live it like a free-spirited soul. You seldom fret over the past or worry about the future. Making the most of every second is what you live by. Someone who loves to roam independently, your backpack provides you with the much-needed freedom to get zoned out. You never shy from taking risks or moving out of your comfort zone.
Just look around, you are surrounded by so many jolly good people in a jolly good world! Which category do you belong to? Let us know in the comments section below!


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