Be smart, be summer-loving!


Summer is here and so are mangoes! The ideal season for lazing in a hammock on the beach, it’s the perfect time to sip refreshing mocktails and feel the wind ruffle your hair!
For making the most of the honey-bunny-sunny side of summer, you need to know a few hacks for curbing the summer blues. Even though you may have stuffed your wardrobe with all the basic essentials, making smart choices will pay off better.
So, without ignoring the resourcefulness of your funky polka dotted umbrella, turn your wardrobe summer-proof with the following hacks:
Clothing hacks
Readying your wardrobe for summer is slightly easier as compared to doing the same for winter. After all, you need not bother about woollens and scarves! But hey, balancing cool and appropriate is easier said than done!
Move beyond wearing light coloured, loose and breezy clothes. Instead, focus on the fabrics you choose. Khadi, cotton, linen, rayon and chambray are some fabrics that feel extremely light on the skin and help in maintaining its breathability.
Though sheer, crepe and chiffons are in trend, they should be avoided in summer, even in formal wear. You can opt for silk blends for getting a summer-stylish look!
Shutting doors to loud colours in summer doesn’t mean abandoning your fashion goals. Wearing clothes with large floral prints or abstract designs adds the zing!
Makeup hacks
Whether you are sunbathing in Costa Rica or working on your desktop, summer always takes a toll on your makeup. Because the soaring temperature is directly proportional to humidity, wearing skin-friendly, lightweight makeup is the ultimate anti-summer formula!
Go for sunscreen or a gel-based moisturizer to replace the liquid foundation. These summer-friendly variants hydrate the skin, thus keeping the heaviness and oiliness of foundation at bay.
Dark colours attract heat, not only on your skin but also on your eyelids. Thus, go for soft pastels and muted shades that are easy on your eyes.
To combat the melting-makeup phenomenon, minimize the use of smoky eyes. Whether morning or night, excess makeup leads to sweating, thus elevating the risk of smudging. If possible, embrace the no-makeup look and go for light lip colours.
Accessories hacks
Can there be a better time than summer to flaunt your beloved accessories? We bet not! They add freshness and extravaganza to your flowy gowns, and having some killer pieces in your collection only magnifies the jazz and glam factor!

Flip flops are your obvious choice this summer. However, keep in mind to go for a pair having thick soles as the wear and tear of a not-so-strong sole creates health problems, especially in the knees and the lower back.
Avoid carrying overweight, large shoulder bags. Rather, go for cross-body slings. Because they are hands-free, they not only are convenient but also fit right into the light and breezy category.
Show off your summer trends with a bucket hat, sunglasses, no show socks, statement watch and minimum jewellery.
With the rising mercury level, we’re sure that the summer fever is only going to shoot up! Making smart wardrobe decisions is your first step towards enjoying the fun and thrill that summer gets along. Are you ready to act smart and stay summer-loving?

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