5 Bag Habits that you need in your life RN


“Life is too short to carry a boring handbag”- If you agree, you will also be one of those who loves your handbags to death. Right from your beauty aids to all your daily essentials they are the real friends that carry it all. But, these bags can be a bit difficult too. Like, no matter how hard you try, when you reach out to grab your keys or cash, all you end up with is pulling out some crinkled receipts, old tissues, maybe even a lipstick and then finally the keys. Argghhhh! It’s so annoying and a total waste of time when your most powerful weapon makes you wage war with yourself.

So, before it takes the shape of the World War here are some real life-saving bag habits that you NEED right now to keep your handbags your best friends.

Carry as much you require

When you put stuff in your bags you do not realize how much you are filling it. The more the space, the more you try to fill it up. And this ends up making you carry no less than a garbage dump without any room to put even the tiniest essential inside. So if you want to avoid the mess, empty your bag and refill it with only what you require for daily use. Utilize the pockets to keep cash and your house keys whereas your bottle, lunch box, umbrella and mobile charger can occupy the rest of the bag space.

Compartmentalize your handbag

The best way to save time and get rid of the mess is to compartmentalize as much as possible. This can be done by adopting smart ways – carrying a coin pouch to keep your coins without throwing it anywhere in the bag, using separate ziplock bags to keep your stationaries and chargers,  keeping your headphones in a glares pouch, carrying your make up essentials in a transparent make up kit and using a wallet to keep your cards and cash in an organised manner.

Choose multi-utility bags

Instead of carrying multiple bags you can opt for a multi-utility bag like a wallet sling. Functional and trendy, the wallet slings keep your cards and cash organized and also makes enough room for your miniature essentials. Try the Baggit wallet sling that you can use as a wallet and also as a sling when on the go.

De-clutter your bag once in a week

While you might be busy throughout the week, you need to take out some time from your daily schedule and at least clear the clutter once in a week. Throw out the waste, used tissues, old mint, unrequired receipts, food wrappers and trash to keep your bag clean and organized.

Which one of these habits are you going to try? How will you keep your bag organized? Share in the comment section below.

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