Packing hacks which will make your Baggit overnighter bags your best friend

5 Packing hacks which will make your life better with Baggit’s overnighter.

Like a true nature’s child, We were born, born to be wild

We can climb so high, I never wanna die……

If Steppenwolf’s Born to be wild makes your heart race every time that you play it on your music list then you know that you are a true travel enthusiast. If you are the one who is always ready to explore new places, make new friends, plan for trek or every weekend travel then you are born to be free and not to be tamed. And your best friend is none other than the overnighter bag that you carry for every travel plan. While only you may be able to feel the real thrill of being in the outdoors, we can always help you enjoy the thrill better! So here are a few tips to help you master the art of packing your essentials in the light and spacious Baggit overnighter bags:

Roll your clothes

Instead of folding your clothes, you should always roll your clothes tightly into compact pieces as this prevents your clothes from developing creases and also saves space. You can easily roll your t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, dresses, denim, pyjamas and jackets to avoid space exhaustion.

Pro tip:  Keep the rolled t-shirts and pants separately in different sections of the Baggit overnighter bag.

Pack your footwear in shower caps

Picking the right kind of footwear and packing them properly is another life hack. So pick versatile shoes that can match most of your outfits. Cover your shoes with a shower caps to avoid your clothes getting dirty. Also, carry a large plastic bag to save yours from digging through your luggage.

Pro tip:  If you are carrying a Baggit overnighter then you can tie the laces together and loop shoes on the handles to let your smelly shoes breathe.

Keep your jewellery in separate pouches

Never keep your jewellery without a proper case, even if you have got pockets in your backpacks. Carry your jewellery and make-up essentials in separate transparent zip lock pouches to avoid them from getting entangled. If you plan to carry many jewellery pieces, then you can keep some in your ankle length boots as well to avoid too many pouches to carry.

Pro tip: Use the outer zipped case of the Baggit overnighter to keep all the jewellery pouches in one place.

Add cling foil for a small square of plastic under the lid of the bottle

To protect your cloth from lotion/liquid spills always add a cling foil under the lid of the bottle. Whether it is a bottle or a tube, you can add a small square of plastic to wrap around the mouth of face wash, shampoo, hair oil and shower gel container to avoid spilling of the liquid on your other bag essentials.

Pro tip: In case of a spill or squeeze, use a wet cotton cloth to wipe the Baggit overnighter to make it as good as new.

Use a sunglass case or a pouch to put your chargers and earphones

The best way to avoid tangling of your charger wire and earphones is to carry them separately so that no side is pulled. No need to buy a separate case for them, you can carry them in an old sunglasses case or a ziplock pouch.

Pro tip: Hang a small coin pouch from the long handles of the Baggit overnighter to store your earphones in it and keeping them handy.

So have we got you excited yet to start travelling? Share your favourite hacks in the comments below Happy packing and happier travelling!


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