Happy Buyer: Blogger Neha Shaw

Fashion Blogger Neha Shaw who loves being up-to-the-minute and who possesses a good understanding of the latest trends and styles, recently dropped by our Baggit outlet. She visited the Baggit outlet at Bell Road in Bangalore and she thoroughly enjoyed her shopping date. She was absolutely spoilt for choice with the colors and designs offered at Baggit and like most of the other customers who visit Baggit, she ended up picking up more than she wanted. We just loved the way she enjoyed spending time with us at Baggit and how she especially adored the Nina Lekhi range bag collection. Take a glance at her shopping journey and what she picked up to match her outfits.DSC_0760


Neha started with a bold tone of tote that she would wear with her denim and t-shirt for a casual day outing. She picked this tote up for her Saturday errands because only we understand how much needs to fit in a girl’s bag.


She moved on to a bead textured handbag that would match well with her formals and semi-formals for her meetings and corporate visits.


For a day with her girl gang, Neha picked up the elongated bow shaped tote which she found adorable and stylish and would perfectly match her mini dress. She also found this bag to be the perfect companion on holidays – something big enough to fit her travel knick-knacks well.


For her date nights and party closet, she chose this shimmery holographic bag from Nina Lekhi collection. She was the happiest with this find as it would jazz up the simplest of the bodycon dresses and get her ready for the best night ever.DSC_0778

The much in trend, rectangular structure saddle from Nina Lekhi collection grabbed her attention next which she chose to wear with her new off shoulder summer style dress.


Last but not the least she loved the black handbag as she felt black matches most of her outfits and nothing can be more befitting than a black, classy handbag for her outfits.

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