One Bag, Two Ways…. (and more)


Yes, we are talking about functional bags that you definitely deserve and that take you through your day errands without any hassle.  And yes, without compromising on your love for trend and style. We know you keep buying bags because some of them are functional but not stylish, and some bags are uber-trendy but aren’t too practical. So we decided to get you an exclusive list of Baggit bags which are stylish and functional at the same time because you deserve nothing less than the best of both worlds.


tryst blog

How about a sassy, bright red colour backpack for your long weekend trip? While it looks just awesome, it is also designed to be extremely functional with front flaps that can hold your easy to access essentials and is designed to have a spacious compartment which is enough for your clothes and knick-knacks. And now for the best part – you can carry it as a sling as well.


jamaican blog

Those last minute overnight plans become all the more exciting with this spacious satchel. Carry it as an on-the-shoulder satchel or a handbag with short handles. And for all those days that there are overnighter plans after a city trip with your friends this bag is a stylish way to carry as a satchel. Style and fun rolled into a two-way carry two-color bag – just what you need!


smurf blog

Wouldn’t it be just great to have the perfect transition from office to the party? Hell yeah! This bowling bag is here to lend you that perfection with its trendy yet spacious structure. Crafted with an adjustable sling to it and a bold look this bowling bag adds an extra oomph to your office look and party.


bizzy blog

Ditch the boring college shoulder bags and get yourself a saddle-shaped tote that looks quirky as well as creates a subtle impression when you carry it to college. This bag opens to wide compartments and multi pockets, which you can easily carry your tab, books and stationery for your college still making space for few of your travel essentials. The dark brown colour also adds to the trendiness of the bag.


blog affinity

And when you are hit by wanderlust or just in a mood to travel light and be all carefree then a mini backpack is what you need. Just carrying your minimal touch-up essentials and cash in a lightweight, colour block backpack with multiple compartments. And when you feel like mixing things up, carry it as a sling and you are ready for your festive look!

We bet you loved these bags and will agree that they are equally functional and trendy as we promised. Enjoy your everyday escapes with these two way carry bags and shop your favourite one at

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