Bag texture trends that you need to own RN

Ever wondered why you love a particular bag or what makes you pick a particular bag? While some of you might think that you choose a bag for its affordability, functionality and durability but there are many more factors that you subconsciously consider before you purchase any bag. One such significant factor is the texture that you look for while purchasing a bag. You would always prefer going for a bag that has got a fine, premium texture along with the element of trend and style in it. So before you shop for your next bag here are some bag textures which are trending and which you need to own right now!
A retro revival trend; the Croco textured bag should be the first one on your wish list. With the animal skin inspired texture and finish, it’s great to compliment all attires and give them a stylish update. Baggit’s new Arlette bag, for example, will go perfectly with an LBD as well as your office striped formals.

The beads texture which is inspired from the tiny, short, rounded bead cut used in jewellery is another must-have bag texture that lends its subtle yet trendy look to your ethnic wear. Add the Floaty tote by Baggit to your wardrobe to match your ethnics and casuals for regular use.


Bling is fun! Another way to add more fun and drama to your look is the glossy holographic texture bag that grabs all the eyeballs with its dramatic 3D look. With the youth appeal that this texture lends to your outfit, the Baggit Chandmukhi bag is definitely an eye candy to elevate your after-hours outfits.

One of the most precious textures that are used in various bags, the marble texture stands for purity, prestige and pride. The Baggit Bride bag that features marble texture is what you need to add the element of royalty to your wedding wardrobe.

An unusual mix of elements with the recyclable material – the tyre texture is an innovative trend that is used in our latest collection. Featuring an edgy tyre texture along the Flubber bag by Baggit; this saddle bag is a hot-seller for its meeting ready look.

Natural elements also inspire textures with the grainy and smooth sand texture in our Baggit bags. The Baggit Warmth bag is just the right sling with sand texture that you can easily sport with your boho look.
So now that you have discovered the bag textures that are in trend you already know how to pick up the one that will best suit your style. Tell us which one you will pick in the comments section below.

Happy Trendy Shopping!

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