Have you become ‘Bodacious’ yet?


Have you ever felt the need to swap your entire wardrobe because you feel it’s just a bunch of boring old designs? Or are you one of those who feels like you have nothing to wear every time you open your wardrobe? Well, even if you are neither, we know you’d always like something exciting and different to spruce up your wardrobe. The Bodacious collection is just that as it expresses different aspects of your personality with its range of clutches, slings and saddle bags. Specially designed by Baggit MD and Chief Design Curator Nina Lekhi, the collection borrows from global trends of silhouettes, shapes and colour palettes. Take a short journey through the collection to pick your favourite:


With a structured silhouette and a brand insignia on the sling handle, this combination of grey and silver spells bold in all forms. A trend led briefcase handle makes for this sling to be the most sought-after bag in your collection. So the next time you don checked apparel, let the people in the room know you have arrived by matching it with this sling.


Ever admired those vintage stars from Hollywood shows with their bell-shaped skater dresses and beautiful hats? What completes that ensemble in your wardrobe is this colour-block saddle sling. Featuring a flap closure and a combination of the classic tan beige and white, the bag will be your perfect partner at the next derby (even a pretend derby will do).


You know how some bags just imply rebelliously? That’s exactly what is reflected in this clutch with a large silhouette and bronze finishing. After all, it’s one of our favourite personality traits of our MD Nina Lekhi, as it got her to start the company Baggit. And the best part about this clutch? It will match your royal blue Anarkali gown just as well as it will match your ripped jeans and lace yoke top.


You push yourself through your daily events so effortlessly, don’t you? Whether it is the office or home or both, we know you are the queen of poise and sophistication. But who said bold can’t be sophisticated? Check out this square silhouette saddle sling for your everyday essentials whether it’s that sleek black pencil skirt or the straight kurti with cropped pants.

We’re sure you’ve picked up your favourite by now so head on over to the Baggit e-store and add to cart now! Share in comments on how you will style your favourite piece.

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