4 bags that will solve all your gifting woes

With Friendship Day making its way into your calendars soon now, and the festive season creeping up right after it, we know you must be at your wits ends trying to figure out what gifts to get for your friends. But don’t you worry, because we have got you covered with our special gifts list. Like no two bag styles are the same, we know that no two of your friends (or your relationship with them) are the same. So we’ve got a specially curated list of Baggit bags for each of that special friend of yours, take your pick (or take them all) 33401080_1314551695356200_7352297589078753280_n

A Baggit mini sling for the large-hearted older friend of yours – not older by age but somehow by experience and by the kind of advice she gives you. Be it love issues or career issues – this girl-friend is everyone’s best girl-friend because she listens, and understands, and speaks to your mind. Dainty, straightforward and sophisticated – this friend is just like a mini sling – a small bag ready to take of the world’s biggest problems.


You know how in every group of friends you will have one friend who almost acts like she belongs in the movies? Well, this clutch will be that movie stars best friend. Just as fashion forward as your friend, this clutch features a cross button closure to transition to after-hours seamlessly. And don’t forget to tag us when your fashionista, blogger friend takes her 20th selfie with this clutch – because we know the effort that goes into making the perfect picture (and bag).


Next up say hello to the little rebel because we know she is leading your entire gang to amazing adventures and experiences. And we’ve got the perfect friend for her to start this adventure. A backpack in a trend-led textured material, this bag is inspired by earthy tones. And the best part? The rebellious fringes at the edge sending out the right message just like your friend – that if you mess with one of my friends, you mess with me! She has got your back, and we’ve got hers with this backpack.


You know how you used to just hate it when your parents compared you to Sharmaji’s child every time you got a poor result? Guess what, you befriended Sharmaji’s child too! The go-getter, the challenge lover and the (almost) entrepreneur among your girl-friends is who we are talking about. She is out there every day, going through struggles that you can only imagine, inspiring you with every decision she takes. You know if you are ever stuck anywhere or for anything, she is the first person who will walk up to you in perfectly fitted jeans and a structured tote.
So there you have it, a collection of the best bags for your best gals. Let us know which one will you pick up in the comments below.
PS: We won’t tell anyone if you will gift one of these bags to yourself because you are your first best friend!

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