5 coloured bags you need to beat the grey this season

As the first few drops of rainfall grace us this season, preparations have begun to find the courage to leave the comforts of your bed and go out of the house. The cosy bed invites you to stay in all the more when there is an overcast and grey clouds fight to ensure that sunshine continues to take a summer holiday. It is a well-known fact that the weather directly affects your mood which in turn decides what clothes and accessories you choose. And when you are feeling grey, it becomes really difficult to choose colours that would brighten up the dull rainy day. So here are the designers at Baggit recommending the colour edit for this grey season.

33545983_206456273205303_2973199034870661120_n (1)

Just because the skies are grey, it doesn’t mean your bag can’t have a pop of sunshine. A hue that is elevating the monochrome outfits with an athleisure feature of stripes – this clutch makes for a good partner to your shift dresses. A favourite of the Gen Z palette, it is now safe to say that yellow is the new black.

29087621_115621355894470_4601387086283538432_n (1).jpg

Vintage lovers get a bold update with the dusty pink hue that is lending itself to the commercial colours in terms of culottes and clutches alike. Pair this snakeskin inspired tote with a high-waist suspender jumpsuit and classic pumps and we promise your formal wear won’t be boring anymore!


A younger alternative to the classic black, this marine shade makes for a core accessory in your closet. Featuring trend-led tribal prints to accentuate the look, pair this sling with denim cut shorts and a striped tank to continue that summer kinda feelin’ in monsoon.


In the list of colours that don’t feel last season is the pastel pink. From Himalayan salt to blush, this tone which has a range of names is an accessory favourite for most runway shows this season. Shimmer up you’re after party look with a fringed bodycon and this buckle sling paired with nude stilettoes.


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