Loving the Retro this season? Revive it with these 5 bags.

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The 90’s are here! And along with it there are some adorable trends that have been revived and are winning the hearts of all the ladies. The current trend on everyone’s minds is the love for retro style bags.  Appearing as cross bodies, totes, slings and wallets with the addition of whimsical embellishments, you can match this trend with your favourite dress to take on the world as you step out. Already gushing as you imagine the share of compliments that this nostalgic look would fetch you?  Then there is the retro revival of bags that you can stock from Baggit. Take a glimpse:


The street style waist pouch is undoubtedly a favourite 90’s trend that is often spotted with fashionistas. Giving it a modern twist, the colour block pattern makes it an essential enhancement for accessory lovers.



While the beaded texture has always been a popular one for bag design, the Kettle Beads Mustard makes for a modern revival of the boxy structured sling and trend-led update to handheld and shoulder bags. The further blend of kettle beads elevates the glam factor of your ensemble.


Did you know ripped denim is something that was all the rage in the yesteryears? Crafted in everything from preppy jeans to jackets to bags, denim has been a popular choice for every woman. Bags with a mini boat shaped silhouette and ripped denim texture are a fresh fashion comeback that you can donne to match your denim ensembles.


The retro-inspired clutch design is a covetable and timeless elegance that ladies just cannot leave behind when heading to a party. With a metal clasp closure that exuberates royalty this Baggit black clutch is a must-have to round up your party look.


Remember the fashionable, polka dot prints that were so popular during the 1950’s? Well, get happy because they are back again with a nostalgic blend of polka dots which are used to style your backpacks, go crazy with this old school backpack by Baggit!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite retro style bag from Baggit to master the yesteryears trend.

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