“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

Quoted aptly by the Renaissance genius, the creative knowledge of a person depends on their insight and the way they react to the world around us. Many of the designs that are created by designers all over the world are an observation of the details of the era they love, their perception about human culture and the ceaseless beauty of nature. The bag designs in our collection too are a beautiful mix of thorough observation of the colours of Nature and careful study of the world’s trends. Here’s taking a stroll to some of our bag designs that are a byproduct of creative genius and innovation.

The onset of summer: Tote

There is a beauty in the sunshine yellow colour that has always inspired designers to use it for their creative purpose. In India, the bright yellow is also considered to be a happy colour as it is the colour of the harvest season. Whereas in term of fashion trends, the sunshine yellow provides an energetic and sportifying twist to the ordinary wear. These factors had always appealed to our designer where they have crafted interesting design like the versatile printed yellow tote. Carry the tote with your ethnic ensemble to add some more gorgeousness to the festivity.


Printed Leaf Pattern: Sling

Leaves have been a primitive motif of design. A seamless pattern of leaves is one where all the elements combine to form one. Designers have been always inspired by the beauty of nature, the changes that seasons bring with it and that is how the dried leaf pattern, the white snow of the winter days have inspired them to recreate the fine leaf print pouch. Donne it with a printed top and solid colour skirt to stand out from the crowd.


Bright Colour Mix: Pouch

With the pouch being a keeper of the woman’s knick-knack, designers have drawn inspiration from the medieval architecture in India that is a mix of medieval era buildings, houses, and temples. Get this architecturally inspired sling bags that our designers have created with a digital print kurta and Palazzo for your casual getaway.


Geometric silhouette:

SlingFor creative inspiration designers have also opted for the geometric trend which is a mix of certain shapes, lines and curves together. While it has earlier been used in the interior designing of buildings and apparels the trend has now been used by our designers to craft the edgy slings. Carry this geometrical pattern and structural silhouette inspired sling with your western wear to sport the trend.


Rustic inspiration: Tote

Grabbing the attention of the designers is the rustic design style that emphasizes on the rugged, careless and natural beauty around us. The simple, earthy colour and the fine mix of oceanic blue bring an eclectic mix to the tote bags that women love to flaunt around their shoulders for their everyday need. Perfect to carry for your after hour plans.


Find it amazing? What is your favourite design? Tell us in the comment section below. Happy Shopping!


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