Isn’t these three words enough to trigger excitement? For the millennials, these words are more gratifying and romantic than the clichéd expression of happiness. Whether it is weekend or month end, when there are discounts on your favourite brand then we know better the kind of joy that you experience shop your favourite products home. Before you miss the best deals from Baggit, here are some vegan bag updates that you need to own now.


TWITTER -SM-PP- 04.06.20188.jpg

We know how much you need slings for your casual endeavours. While a bright summer sling is always a great match to your floral outfits, you can surely stack some more to match your ensembles. And if you own enough then get yourself a metallic chain sling to match your cool and casual denim wear. Not to miss the colour block trend ruling the street style, as you can get a colour block sling at up to 50%-70% off.



Gone are the days of a single wallet to carry every day. While we love to dress up differently for every day it’s time to start cashing on some new style wallets especially when there are such 20-30% discounts. Choose from a palette of solid colour, colour block, sequined and printed wallets, after hour clutches to keep your everyday loo just on point.



For your 9-5 work schedule why not choose a classy workwear staple? While you choose your lipstick, your make up essentials aptly for your office formals round up your look with spacious vegan work tote in prints, colour blocks and beaded texture at or more than 30%off from Baggit.


BAGGIT MALL -SM-PP-18.08.2018.jpg

And when you are looking for some space and exude your class, you need to update your work-wear staple to the unisex laptop bag or messenger bag to carry your laptop, charger, files and more office essentials in style. And as the Baggit sale is on get your choicest laptop bag at a whopping discount up to 50%.
So what are you waiting for? Get discount ready as it’s your last time to grab your favourite bag styles at Grab your favourite handbags, wallets, totes or work staple from your favourite homegrown, Made in India brand, Baggit now.

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