5 ways to become an environmental-friendly fashion consumer


Nowadays when you go shopping, you pick up a product just because you like it or simply because it is your favourite brand. You don’t think about how the product was manufactured or what you will do when the product life gets expired. But slowly the scenario is changing. Millennials who hold the major share of fashion accessory purchase are smarter and they are moving towards brands which provide sustainable products because of awareness. Thanks to this, be it your apparels, footwear, handbags or cosmetics, brands have made a conscious move to define fashion to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Believe it or not, this change has been brought about by you. However, it’s just a start. So here’s what you can do to further this movement.

Check the labels

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How often do you check the labels when you make a purchase? Not really right? Well, labels tell you more than the price. If you check the labels carefully you will be able to figure out whether the products are vegan or environment-friendly or do not encourage animal testing. When you pick up a Baggit bag the tags inside always show that the brand is vegan thus giving you a choice to be fashionable with being an environmentally responsible consumer.

Be a vintage hunter


Street shopping is always a good idea when you want to get some interesting and new styles but at a pocket-friendly price. So next time when you plan to roam the streets doesn’t just pick up anything, but go for effortlessly stylish, vintage pieces from international brands. Picking up some real vintage pieces – purse, clothes, and home décor items will help you retain it long and save your money along with the environment. There is nothing that tells a story as well as a vintage piece, are we right?

Share your wardrobe

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This might seem a bit bizarre but we believe sharing is caring and it should start from your own wardrobe. So it’s time to play a wardrobe game. Just swap your wardrobe every alternate month with your best friend, or your roommate or your cousin. Give away your not-so-old style apparel or bags and own another garments or bag from your friend. It will be really fun as a little step like this will make you go for a new #OOTD every day, and it will also save the environment from accessory dump from your closet.

Recycle your clothes


Take out your unused and old branded clothes and start recycling it. You can return it to the store itself as some brands give you coupons and points for returning your used clothes. Isn’t that cool? So return or exchange your old denim or an old dress to get a new one with an added discount to it.

DIY your old clothes and accessories


We know you can’t donate all your clothes or accessories because of the probability of stains, holes, or it’s ill-fitting. For such old clothes what you can surely try is DIY. You can use your old denim to make storage buckets or use some of your old worn clothes to sew a quilt or make actual socks from your sweater sleeves. For your old cross body slings with worn out flaps, you can cover it with the lace of a contrasting colour to give it a feminine, cute, new look.

Seems cool and so doable, right? Share your experience with us and let us know if you have some more ideas to become an environmental-friendly fashion consumer.

Images sourced from Pinterest

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