Why should you choose vegan brands?


For most shopaholics, when we find a trendy, colour pop in the display of the store or the mannequin dressed in a glittery dress and ankle length boots, we don’t think much about the process but would desire to possess it. When we are out shopping, we don’t really care about how the fashion accessories are made and if the price suits our pocket, or not we just up buying it because we like how it looks. Also, with the trend of fast fashion, we are always eyeing new, fashion products to grab it within 24 hours at our doorstep.
The result is that we as fashion consumers are racing at an alarming speed towards an environment with an increase in chemical waste and chemical toxins that are non-degradable causing long-term damage to the ecosystem and human health. While nobody can be expected to completely stop buying fashion accessories be it make-up, dresses, shoes or bags, but what we can surely opt for are eco-friendly brands that will help us save the planet.

The first possible step to be fashionably conscious is to identify the brand and hence brand values that you are opting for. One of the most polluting industries in the world is the leather industry. So when you choose to go vegan you actually make a fashion choice that doesn’t harm the environment.


There may be many of you who might think that a synthetic leather bag brand can never be as attractive as a leather bag. But Baggit provides an umpteen number of bag styles with leather finish and high quality that makes owning a vegan brand beautiful as well as affordable. Baggit uses synthetic leather and trendy textures like snake print, croco prints to give you a modish look. This gives you enough reason to be an environmentally conscious buyer without compromising on your style quotient.


Another reason to choose vegan brand is so that you are compassionate towards animals. When you opt for a vegan brand, you make a smart decision of buying your beauty essentials which are not tested on animals and extend a support to the animals who suffer at the hands of cruel fashion practices.
By choosing to be vegan you tend to buy high-quality clothes, where you can invest now and reap the benefits later. This also makes you committed to an ethical lifestyle.
Last but not the least, your awareness towards fashion and a step to go vegan will help you define fashion in the right and modern way because fashion which is sustainable, smart and beautiful. Are you game for it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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