Going Hands-Free: Bags for busy hands


Imagine this; you are holding your wallet and mobile in one hand and your umbrella in the other. Or say, holding your cup of coffee and trying to pick up a call when you are holding your clutch. With the advent of expensive, big screen smartphones, you’re on hand seems like it’s almost always occupied when you are travelling clicking a selfie or more. Well, clicking a selfie or more you need a hands-free bag to leave you free and let you do your regular errands at ease. Get a handful of options from your favourite www.baggit.com.


You may have seen how the circular sling is in trend this season and for your perfect day-to-night outing you can pick it up to go hands-free. With spacious interior inside and available in two variants, this sling is perfect to hold your mobile, house keys and beauty essentials as you go from owning the office meetings as well as the dance floor.


TWITTER -SM-PP-02.08.2018 (3).jpg

Have you ever thought of a fashionable companion to help you be the girl in the city’? Mainly when you are planning to capture the beauty of your city through your DSLR? Then for such uninterrupted and fun ideas, you need a cool, colour block waist pouch by Baggit to roam carefreely and enjoy your day.



If the weekend is on your mind and you have already made plans with your girlfriends to go for brunch, shopping and an extended evening of early wine, then you need a spacious and trendy sling. While your wallet, mobile, sunglass, perfume and make up essentials easily rest in this stylish bag while you can go just chill with your gang.


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A darling arm candy with its vintage fashion revamped style, this bowling bag by Baggit can simply amp up your style game. With space to hold your work essentials and a top handle for easy carry, you can even leave it to rest on your shoulders with its adjustable strap to carry.  Switch now,  a hassle-free experience on the go.


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Backpacks are the real cool deal when you are on a trip. To go absolutely hands-free and enjoy your trip get yourself a super spacious and light backpack. While you can tour the places you want to, the backpack will take care of your travel apparel, makeup items, accessory pouches and knick-knacks.

So, take a chill all as we have got you covered with the latest, fashionable bags that let you go hands-free, Don’t forget to share with us your joy of going hands-free with the bag on our social media handles. v


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