How to get the minimalist trend right?

We know you love being updated with the latest trend. Isn’t it the reason you subscribe to the latest updates on fashion with brands, check out the YouTube videos by bloggers and follow your favourite designers for advice on fashion accessories and apparels? While fashion trend is often a mirror of the society, the new trend which has quite become popular after people are finding the need to follow minimalism, and the recent fashion trend that you can follow is the minimalist trend. To do it right, here are ways that you can follow.

Wardrobe Decluttering

According to research, it has been found that 80% of lifestyle items in a women’s wardrobe goes unworn. So here starts the first and most significant part of the minimalist trend is Decluttering your wardrobe. To do that you can just empty your wardrobe and check for apparels, shoes and bags that you no longer use and do not wish to as well.


Opting for a capsule wardrobe

While you declutter your wardrobe you can go for accessories and clothing from exclusive Made in India brands as the products guarantee you with a longer shelf life. Also when you purchase an organic piece of clothing, you can wear it in multiple ways to keep repeating it as well as stay fashionable. Such as if you opt for a white shirt, and pair it with denim jeans, you can complement it with a colour block tote at work. The same shirt, you can also wear with a pleated skirt and carry a staple vegan sling to go for your after-hours. Opting for interchangeable apparels and accessories are minimalist goals and you should not definitely miss.


Shopping sustainable fashion basics

The retail space is witnessing a change, where consumers are demanding for fashion products, which are environment-friendly. Be it makeup and beauty products, bags or apparels, consumers’ value environmentally conscious brands that are vegan. Even accessories that are manufactured using cruelty-free materials and no animal testing. So shopping a vegan bag, or picking up organic body butter is what consumers are looking for. Even recyclable apparels are what consumer value over fancy, fashionable products. This increases sustainability to ensure that the minimalist trend is followed.2ac49a833a70905ad7c40300efb7b568.jpg

So, to receive the joy of spending on experience rather than stuff, it will also help you save money annually than your usual shopping expenses. So, are you ready to opt for the minimalist trend? We wish you the best for your new, revamped, smart wardrobe.

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