4 Costume Party ideas to plan for your next bash

It is quite exciting to plan a costume party when you want to have real fun and crazy bash with your group. While a lot has to be done if you are planning to throw one, other than just deciding the dress code for all and convincing them to follow it. As a host, you need to think of the right décor, the menu and the music that would follow. We have got you back with these decisions that will definitely make your next bash exhilarating.

Bollywood 90’s

It’s an understatement that we are all obsessed with Bollywood and throwing a Bollywood 90’s theme party is definitely on our checklist. While guests can come as Anjali or Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, couples can make a grand entry as DDLJ’s Raj and Simran, with Simran donning a #madeinindia baguette purse. Big Bollywood movie posters, 90’s hit songs can definitely be the party theme, don’t forget to serve your guests in desi Kadai style, Bollywood trucks loaded with French fries and cocktails in desi street glasses.

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Back To School

What better way to get your gang excited than by throwing a back-to-school party at your place? You can make it fun by giving A+ to guests appearing in school uniforms and a school bag while you can give them A for coming as a college kid with a vegan backpack full of games and revelry. To keep the theme a little nostalgic you can add to your room a whiteboard, scrabble letters placed along the wall. And for food, you can serve the menu designed as rhyme books, keep colourful candies on the desk and arrange for colourful school chairs to sit. Add some more fun with playing some popular numbers from your school days.

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Casino Night

Bring the lights and excitement of Las Vegas by throwing a casino party with your colleagues. While the fund raised in the night can be used for your next bash, just kidding; make sure you keep your guests entertained the whole night with poker games and roulette. Decorate it with craps stick, paddle, cup holder, dices, discard trays and more casino items while the ladies enter the casino in gowns and Baggit after-hours and men dressed up in suits. Don’t miss to serve your guests with shots and Italian delicacies to hit the jackpot for the best party ever.


Twinning Party
Of all the costume theme parties trending RN, the twinning-party is one that should be definitely on your party list. Girls can be twinning in floral skirts and tops with multi-utility pouches as they make an entry with their bestie, while couples can try contrast colours to dress up. While you can play with twinning curtains, colourful balloons all around, the food should be in pairs like pasta and pizza, chips and dips, brownie and ice cream.
Seems great? Now that you have got some really exciting ideas, it’s time to plan your next bash. When are you going to plan? Let us know in the comments section below.


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