Gone are the days when lazy dressing meant pulling out your gym clothes and wearing them at home or taking a stroll along the streets on a lazy evening in your gym vest and shorts. The athleisure trend over the last few years has evolved into stylish pieces that can fit well for fitness and fit better for life beyond that.

Take the city skirt for example which comes with a relaxed fit and A-line cut. The versatile and stylish athleisure trend has become a familiar one in corporate offices, where women are keeping their formal look comfortable yet contemporary by pairing it with formal shirts. The laptop bag is a regular feature with this outfit to bring in functionality, stylishly.

BAGGIT MALL -SM-PP-18.08.2018

The sports sweatshirt which has become a popular runway trend is a bae to everyone for its seamless comfort and silhouette-complimenting style. With its back slit style, the humble sweatshirt has now straightaway won its place in the wardrobe of the fashionistas. Don’t get surprised if you come across pretty fashionistas flaunting the back slit style sweatshirts with distressed denim and colour-blocked heels pairing it with a boxy sling. Athleisure just got too chic to handle!

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM _22.03.2018 (2)

When talking about athleisure, how can we forget about the cigarette pants with their striped edges? This casual styling trend has made its way from yoga or cycling to formal pants, party dresses & causal denim. Popular B-town celebs like Bollywood actress, Shraddha Kapoor was recently seen keeping her airport look all cool and casual with baggy pants and a loose white t-shirt accessorizing with a Baggit holographic handbag.


While comfort from inside always reflects on the outside, a bomber jacket inspired look is what can always be a cool and sporty one for women who work a lot outdoors. Taking a leaf off the runway styles, modern women are going for a casual luxe appeal with an activewear inspired bomber jacket look with trousers or pants and a waist pouch-sling to carry.

TWITTER -SM-PP-02.08.2018 (3)

Flared volume; the world symbol for fashionable comfort, has also made formal and ethnic wear trendy. This athleisure trend is the inspiration behind everything from culottes to shararas – a must-have this wedding season. The high waist and relaxed fit of the culottes make them a go-to option for crop tops and bodysuits. And you can always complete this athleisure inspired boho-chic look with a clutch to go unconventionally stylish.

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