Own this wedding season, with these diverse looks!

The wedding season has already begun and every day or the other, some of your closed ones or friends is getting hitched. We know how your Facebook wall is getting flooded with the notifications and whether you are annoyed or happy you know soon you are also going to be a part of the wedding affairs. Welcome to the big fat Indian weddings that you are soon going to be a part, not as a bride but may be as a bridesmaid or a guest. And here we are at your rescue so that you look no less than a beauty pageant with the right kind of accessories and outfits.

Let’s start with the Bengali weddings. If you are going to attend a Bengali wedding then you know how ladies peep in a traditional saree and jewellery. Enough you have already got your inspiration from the daily soaps, so it’s time to give a full competition, draping the six yards and wearing it with nice gold bangles and a red bindi. Accessorize with a trendy, printed red clutch and stilettos to round up your look.

When talking about the west, you know how Gujarati weddings are – those sets of Bollywood movies all turn real from reel. So get decked up for the Sangeet in a designer lehenga in bright colours – green, red or a mix-match of both to steal the limelight. A Baggit bright orange chain sling matching with heels can be the perfect match to elevate your style.

And when the wedding is in Goa, you know how to peep in right? Yes, you had the right occasion to get ready in your much awaited pastel long dress and match it with pastel pink heels. Whether it is a beach wedding or a simple Church wedding we are sure, accessorizing can’t get better with a fedora hat and a contemporary scarlet baguette arm candy.

Moving on to the South, while we all have a myth that wedding in South means you have to be-deck yourself from head to toe in gold jewellery, but there is more than just adding jewellery. Kerala weddings are pretty simple and if you are attending one, you can surely drape yourself in a traditional white sari with golden border and matching it with a similar colour blouse. You can accessorize with less of gold jewellery but look edgy with a trendy, textured sling, a floral bun and pointed toe shimmery heels.

While we know there are many more looks that you would love to create and recreate this wedding season, but the primary tips we have for you is to – go minimalist and accessorize more to stand out in any wedding invitation. What say? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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