It’s that time of the year when you look at the couples making romantic promises, sending gifts to their partners or planning a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day. As singles we know how it feels, as singles to not have a partner to woo us and feel love. Love will definitely find you at any time of the year and when you are least expecting. So, Singles, it’s time you stop fretting on your relationship status and celebrate your singlehood. So, here we are with some really awesome ideas that will make you rock this Valentine’s day!

Indulge into Shopping

No girl ever thinks she has enough clothes and accessories – right girls?
Valentine’s week is the perfect time to indulge in shopping and saving. Grab that hobo sling that you have been eyeing for long, or the red jumpsuit that you have kept wish listed. With brands running good discounts, the money that you would have spent for dinner or on chocolates, you can just use to revamp your wardrobe.

Pamper yourself with Spa

Treat yourself to something special like indulging you in some real “me-time”. Pamper yourself with a gentle massage or spa to feel amazing. After all the best way to make you special is to treat yourself special.

Pick up an old hobby

When have you last engaged in a day spending time on the things you love to do? It’s time to do what you have not done for long. Taking out your color brushes from the corners of your wardrobe for painting or going out for cycling to discover the old streets. Pick up your old hobbies again and gift yourself a day of soulful happiness.

Meet your friends

It is the best time to take a day off and meet your friends. We know how loved you can feel when you are surrounded with your girl gang. And yes, the best part is you can be completely yourself – messy, loud and happy around them.
P.S: You can avoid the raging red and go minimal with a boxy sling of your choice for this girly date.

Travel Solo to re-discover yourself

Travel is the best remedy to your soul. And traveling solo is the scariest yet most liberating experience that you need to have once in your lifetime. So if you are single this Valentine’s, discover yourself and overcome all your fears by traveling solo. Pack your vegan backpack to get travel-ready.
So this Valentine’s Day pamper yourself and find your way to be happy and feel loved. Don’t forget to try these awesome ideas and comment below with what you are going to try from these ideas.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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