5 Red Bags That Can Make Every Day A Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – it’s all about mushy gifts, last-minute chocolates, candle light dinners and couples in colour-coordinated outfits along the corner of the restaurants, right? After a week-long celebration of love it’s the day which couples have been waiting to celebrate with their loved one. And to help you get ready, we’ve got the perfect vegan bag to match your outfit for the Valentine’s date night.

Going out on a Valentine’s Day date is so exciting! Steal the date night look by picking up a full sleeves belted shirt dress and matching it up with a scarlet red clutch.

If you are heading for a movie followed by a V-Day special cozy dinner, then opt for the beaded scarlet red handbag with a long strap by Baggit as it matches seamlessly with a timeless polka dotted dress.

If you are a minimal-make up person then up your style game with a red-hobo sling bag from Baggit. Designed and curated by Chief Design Curator, Nina Lekhi, the bag will jazz up your smart casual style game one notch up.

There is nothing bolder and appealing than a woman wearing red lipstick and matching it will red ankle boots. Make him fall for you again with your classy red handbag and a high neck short dress to make a trendy impact.

If you have planned a trip for both of you to set aside the hustle bustle of the city and enjoy each other’s company in the beauty of Nature -then your date look should be a relaxed, striped jumpsuit matching it with the bold red wallet by Baggit.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy everyday as a special day with your other half in style. Tell us how you are planning to match our bag for every special occasion.

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