Dusky, stout, skinny, Slt, Whre – women are always imposed with so many labels. If that was not enough there are unnecessary instructions like – “you shouldn’t wear a short dress”, “you should not stay late outside”, “you should not drink”, “and you should not take up a job with late night shift.” Even before we are born, our course of actions, thoughts and appearances are already predefined and labelled by the society. The struggle is real and it’s their everyday.
On Women’s Day, we are breaking free all these labels by #puttingitonthetable with a bag. Join hands to disable the labels with Baggit.

For all those who think that we are too opinionated because we voice our suggestions and opinions at meetings and conferences, we have the vegan, croco textured; tote ARLETTE because we believe we have the right to freedom of speech and expression for any human, be it as fierce as the croco texture.

For all those who said the shorts are too short and judge us by what we wear, we have the tasseled, colourblocks sling – SATURN as a carefree spirit can never be contained in any pair of clothes. Because there is no such thing as too much style.

For all those who call us moody because we are sometimes so nice and loving, while sometimes we are complaining and confused – we have the quilted and multi-colour handbag, CHUBCHIC to show that it is our different moods and real colours that make us a wo-man.

For those who defined the body of a woman should be skinny or curvy, there is MAIDEN – a bag that refuses to conform to the shape of a regular tote because it makes room for the wearer’s arm to fit perfectly and is hence loved by all equally.

For those who defined the beauty of a woman based on their skin colour, there is OASIS because it refuses to belong to the neutral black/tan family and looks beautiful on women irrespective of their skin colour.
So how are you going to break the labels this women’s day? Let us know in the comments section below.
Happy Women’s Day!!

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