Continue……(Part 2)

Your zodiac sign has a lot to say about you and even your handbags. Wondering how to choose the right one? Relax and let us help you with picking out what the best match for you will be. While some of you might have already got your choicest ones from our last blog. Here are the remaining zodiac signs to get their right match of handbags. Scroll to get the season’s trendiest handbag right in your closet now.


Quirky is the term that well defines the love for fashion for a Virgo. You love something which is feminine and at the same time has got some quirks to it. A long structured tote in pastel colour – MAIDEN, with a quirky pom-pom details is the perfect go to option for everyday carry.


As a Libra you love to experiment a lot with dresses and accessories because they love designs that are ahead of the trend. You favour design that is structured and symmetrical like the OXYMORON featuring a boxy silhouette and defining the global trend with a focused rundown of the latest season.


Secretive, practical and luxurious – that is how we describe the fashion for a Scorpio. If you are one then you would surely have a flair for practical and functional stuffs that come with secret utility pockets inside the bag. Your ideal bag is the FLUBBER that opens to space and pockets to stack your everyday essentials.


As a Sagittarius you love exploring new places – you are adventurous but not at all someone who is fussy. So you need a backpack sling – PORI, which you can sling as well that rests at your shoulders to allow you travel carefree.


Being a Capricorn, you like to keep your fashion game chic and sophisticated. So you need bags that really stand out and give you a sophisticated look. So go smart as you carry the move easy tote – NEUTRALITY, designed and curated by MD, Nina Lekhi, to have a fuss free day from work to afterhours.


Soft and romantic at heart, as a Piscean you always like to keep your style simple and elegant. You always live in a dream-like state, so you love looking like a vision. Your love for soft and sweet, feminine colours always makes you look charming. The DIMPLE which is sweet and trendy by Baggit is the apt match for you.
Now that you know which handbags you should get for you, shop it online or from your nearest Baggit outlet.

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