Your bags says a lot about you – whether you like it or not. It is your choice of bag that can make or break your entire #OOTD. But, deciding on one handbag design to be a part of your wardrobe that will match seamlessly in on your outfits is also difficult. After all there are so many choices right from texture to colour to silhouette and size before investing in the final piece. Phew!!

Relax and let us help you with picking the best fashionable piece for you as they say it is written in your stars. Scroll below to catch up on what your zodiac sign says about your bag choice and get the season’s trendiest handbag right in your closet.


As an Aries, you have enough confidence that sets you apart from the crowd. Nothing can stop you from making a bold statement. Your ideal pick is the bold, red baguette sling – MEMEWHORE, designed and curated by Baggit Chief Design Curator, Nina Lekhi, to jazz up your look.


As a Taurus, you prefer fashion which is minimalistic yet edgy. You have a fetish for sweet, feminine colours and so pastels are what you would love to carry on your outings. You have a nose for trend and so the fashionable, multi utility BENTUM is a perfect match to round up your look.


The most unpredictable of all the stars, Gemini, one day you want to look bold and unconventional. But the next day, you want to look just sober and subtle. To balance both your exaggerated and refined sides, the convertible bag by Baggit – DESMOND, is your partner. Take possession of this convertible bag by Baggit that you can use as a wrist carry, or cross body with the convenience of keeping your bottle in a separate bottle holder, because wherever you may b, we know you love utility.


Well if you are a Cancer baby, then classy is the term that defines your fashion statement. While you are always attracted to neutral colours, a slight shimmer never hurt anyone! Hence the holographic, colour block tote – MANDREL is the right pick for you. You will feel the perfect blend of ladylike and classy when you carry this functional tote to take you from office to cocktail nights.


A Leo always demands excellence and is almost always the center of attention. So when it comes to shopping Leo’s love something that is worth flaunting and making a statement. The ROWLING is definitely the one which works with a lot of what’s in the closet of a Leo, given its high quirky and fashion quotient.
So this is a list of which bag you should own based on your zodiac sign. Didn’t find yours? Click here to find the other part of this blog.

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