Baggit Celebrates Companies That Care Day

Celebrated to make employers more aware of their social responsibility, Companies That Care Day is an international phenomenon when the companies work towards creating mutually beneficial atmospheres for employee growth. Baggit has always been encouraging of their employees’ welfare and especially to create equal opportunities for all. With India’s developing economy spearing the Make in India initiative, we are proud to contribute with our value chain which is Indian across; from designing & manufacturing to distribution & sales.

Besides equal opportunities, Baggit also promotes well-being, both physical and mental, of the employees. As the Chief Belief Officer, Manoj Lekhi, takes regular meditation, mental and emotional welfare workshops under the Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) – where employees are taught to take control of their thoughts to make fearless decisions – to the level that they create each hour, each day and each week of their lives. A page from this book is Nina Lekhi, the MD & Chief Design Curator’s success as a leader, a business owner and a mother. Having imbibed the SSY values early on, Baggit’s values as a home-grown, cruelty-free material manufacturer of bags are the driving forces in making it a 100 crores brand today. Employees are also encouraged to participate in silence camps which take place at the RSVK ashram in Katarkhadak among the pristine surroundings of the hills and lakes. With tree-houses and picturesque green grasslands as company for the weekend, it becomes a welcome break for them. Employees often find new friendships and rekindle old ones as department boundaries are shattered on these 3 days workshops. Going beyond Baggit employees, the ashram also invites employees of other entrepreneurs, SMEs & MNCs to create an opportune atmosphere for the India growth story.

The SSY culture is not only promoted via these workshops but also at the Baggit HO. Healthy snacks and raw food juices find their way into long meetings to keep the energies high throughout. Employees, across the levels, are encouraged to share their visions, personal and with respect to Baggit. A robust Rewards & Recognition program ensures that these visions also see the light of the day, as every quarter the program invites new entries. There are also special meetings held every Tuesday & Thursday for employees to get together, meditate, watch inspiring videos and share their visions across departments so that all employees share the growth that Baggit achieves.

While companies are like people, each has different values governing them and driving their decisions, Nina Lekhi’s vision of contributing to the development of India has helped her create an employee perks program that follows this. With her vision, Baggit is able to contribute to the awareness and growth of the society as a whole, while they don’t compromise on an individual’s growth.

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