5 Summer Must-Haves to Carry in your Bag

Summer is in…and so are our scarfs, sun glasses, sunscreen and all other sun shields. We need to carry a lot of summer essentials in our bag so that we can protect our skin from regular pollution and tan. Naturally summer calls for bag styles that are neither too big (because that just adds to heat & humidity), nor too tiny as they are too small to accommodate all your everyday needs.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger @kreenadesai shares that she carries a top handle handbag by Baggit – BOOMING which opens diagonally to spacious interior making it easy for her to reach out for her wallet, smart phone and summer essentials.

Here are five must haves that you should definitely carry in your handbag for summer:


Not only does your skin get affected, sun rays can also be harmful for your eyes. So whenever you are outdoors, make sure that you are facing the sun with a pair of UV protected sunglasses. Keep it in a sunglass holder so that it is not damaged inside your handbag.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is the most essential part of your everyday regime especially when its summer. Carrying a tiny water bottle is a must. The Baggit dual carry – DESMOND features a separate water bottle compartment and multi-compartments to carry your work essentials and make up essentials in style, while making the water bottle an easy reach.


A solid colour wallet is a must have to keep your everyday cards, cash and coins organized. Trending this season are wallets with O-ring closure and tassels – like the TEEP by Baggit in summer hues.

Snacks Container

When you want to snack on something healthy, dry fruits & nuts are always a savior. Not only does it fill your stomach but also it gives you an energizing and healthy break that is so much required during summers. Carry it on a small container to keep the goodness intact and from your beloved tote bag getting messed up

Makeup Pouch

You need a lot of makeup essentials especially when you are heading out in summer. So you must carry a sunscreen with a suitable SPF to protect your face, face-wash to wash off the oil and dirt, a compact that matches your skin tone, a pocket size perfume, a matte long stay lipstick and a comb to brush your hair. Keep it in a transparent or mesh material pouch like the TIFFNY by Baggit, a lightweight yet functional choice.

What are the top 5 things that you will carry in your bag for summer? Comment to let us know.

Shop the lightweight, summer perfect bags here: https://www.baggit.com/default.aspx

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