Sling This Mango Season, Here’s How!

It’s the season of bright sunshine and warm hues – welcome summer with the season’s choicest colour – Yellow. It is new bold that is going to stay this season. While you can go head to toe in this colour and celebrate the sunshine vibe – you can also just ease this colour in with accessories to bring a sartorial joy to your everyday style.

Here are the top five vegan sling bags by Baggit to make you go yellow-ready this mango season.

We all agree that summers are meant for shorts and breezy dresses. So flaunting the right accessory is of utmost importance to complete your summer look. Pick up this yellow, spacious chain sling – LEROY by Baggit that makes you look summer ready and flaunt your chic side of dressing and accessorizing.

The summer heat can never stop you from going fashionable! We bet with ELLA, which is spacious and comes with an elongated silhouette, you can carry your make up essentials and smart phone at ease. And don’t forget to indulge in some light layering during summer as well – because we all want to keep those nasty sunrays off of our skin!

There’s something magical about exploring the old streets of the city and if you are the one who loves exploring unknown places, your better partner can always be a sling. Donning a light and breezy co-ords set with a yellow sling bag, that can hold all your selfie-ready camera, water bottle, make up essentials and knick knacks, you are ready to capture the city essence in your own light. Head on with the BROOM bag now.

Best friends are like doppelgangers, right from dresses to favourite weekend destination they always have the same thing in common. So, when the destination you love is common, you can carry all your beach essentials in a mango yellow sling bag – TRITON, to keep your sunscreen, sunglasses, wet tissues and room keys handy. Don’t forget about those matching hats that you specifically bought for this besties’ trip!

Inspired by runway trends, the circular slings are a must have this season. So if you are the one who can’t wait to trend up your wardrobe, you need the DAFLI, a circular sling that is lightweight, functional and sophisticated all at once.

So head on with more yellow and glow like a true diva in the joys and freshness of this sunshine color in your wardrobe. Which yellow sling are you going to carry this Summer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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