World Biodiversity Day: Change Begins With What You Choose

World Biodiversity Day, also known as International Day for Biological Diversity is observed every year on May 22 to promote biodiversity issues. In this age of globalization where the future is threatened by climate change, deterioration of human health and food habits, bio diversity is essential for sustainable development and human well being. And the change can begin with – what you choose to eat, what you choose to wear and what you choose to use.

A large number of people believe that vegan means moving towards vegetarian diet and thus curbing animal cruelty. But going vegan means much more than changing one’s diet – it is also putting a step forward towards social consciousness. First by saving animals and secondly by saving the environment from imbalance.

Just like Baggit believes that to bring a change in the fashion industry there is need of fashion revolution which can be only achieved when consumers move towards sustainable fashion and choose vegan handbags over leather. Thus preventing merciless slaughtering of animals every day for luxury fashion accessories – like clothes, bags and shoes.

Today consumers have fallen prey to the ‘Fast Fashion’ trend where they consume excessive products; based on quickly changing trends & the affordability of these items. To add to it, the brands follow this to form their pricing & communication strategies which form a bigger challenge for the environment with the huge number of wastes that are generated. But as brands it is our moral responsibility to contribute to ethical fashion by giving back to the community & by making consumers more aware of sustainable fashion and encouraging them to buy sustainable products only.

So this World Biodiversity Day, we encourage consumers to commit to a consciously aware future by bringing a change in what they consume – food, clothes and accessories. Take an initiative and make a promise to change the way you shop. After all, it may be a small step for you, but a large step for the world. Switch to buying non-leather range of vegan bags that defines cruelty free fashion with trend led designs at

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