We’re guessing your favourite bag based on your favourite Emoji!

Emojis are a part of our daily conversation now. Whether it is WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook – our everyday chats are incomplete without using emoji. After all, emojis are very us, the way we feel and the way we would have reacted if we were physically in that situation or with that person. So we’re doing a little guessing today, on #WorldEmojiDay, a fun one where we will try guessing your favourite bag based on the kind of emoji’s that you live by every day. Let’s start!

If you are the one who uses a lot of 🀩🀩 (WOW emoji) in your everyday conversation, then you are a wooer of beauty. You find beauty in every tiny to a big thing in life. A trendy, holographic bag – GLADIOUS will make you surely fall for it.

If you use πŸ‘―β€β™€ (Party emoji) more than any other emoji in your chats then you are the one who is always up for a party. Whether it is post-work or sudden dinner plans you are always ready for it. The chic, patchwork, dual carry –SQUAAXX by Baggit is going to be your favourite.

If you are the naughty one in the group always using this 😜😜 (tongue emoji) and send humorous yet meaningful jokes, then a sassy black bag is sure to be your favourite one. We are guessing you would love – EKO for its stylish silhouette and sassy closure. What say?

If you are someone who is passionate about everything in life and use the 😍❀(Heart emoji) quite often in your chat then you would surely love to carry the passionate, red hobo – LAMPI. Right?

For every situation, if there is a smile in your face and β˜ΊπŸ˜„ (smile emoji) in your texts, then your personal favourite is sure to be the comfortable, hands-free backpack – ROOFY by Baggit. After all, you love going easy in your life!

Love expressing your cheesy and humorous side by putting a πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ (wink emoji) in your texts? Then for the beauty with brains, we have the classy and chic top-handle, handbag – ANEEP to elevate your style.

Who doesn’t like getting appreciation? If the πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» (Like emojis) excite you then we are guessing you would love flaunting the trendy, colour block sling – CORCASO. Style it and post it on your social media, to attract all the appreciation.

We guessed them right, didn’t we? Tell us which emoji do you use the most and share with us your favourite bag in the comments. For more bags that match your mood, get on to http://www.baggit.com

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