Why should you have a tribe of handbags?


If your friends keep asking you – “How many handbags do you own”?  Or your boyfriend keeps complaining – “Why are you buying a handbag? You have so many already!” It’s time to shut all those with Why’s from us. Keep your dilemma aside and shop guilty free as many types of handbag you want. After all, you should have a tribe of handbags to own and style when moving out.


Every girl needs a tote because it is spacious and it comes with organized compartments. This helps to fit in your everyday work essentials, laptop and knick-knacks easily. With a top handle to it and dual carry convenience, a Baggit tote makes you look confident and move-easy from board room meetings to evening plans.


Why carry your everyday work tote to your weekend outings? Carry a hobo, as its slouchy silhouette can hold much more than you can imagine. Also with its trendy and polished texture, it elevates your casual look better than your everyday work tote. Look different and stylish as you style it with a Baggit hobo.


Slings are bae! For your brunch plans or a dinner date, all you need is a sling bag to keep your mobile, lipstick, face wash and mini wallet inside. Not only does it accentuate your look but also it helps you move-easy and look chic. A colour block, Baggit sling is the need for this hour, Go for it, girl!


Backpacks – the very word, take us to the places where we haven’t been to, brings out our inner free spirit, travelling and exploring different parts of the world. Isn’t it?  So you need backpacks to enhance your travel experience as they carry your world while you explore the world. With a Baggit backpack, travel becomes all the more stylish and comfortable.


In case you love to stay organized, you should own several wallets. While a mini wallet can keep your cash and coins, a bi-wallet can accommodate cash, cards and coins at ease. For being more organized and if you own multi cards you can always opt for a three-fold wallet. For further convenience, you can carry a wallet-sling to move stylish with your knick-knacks.

Now that you know why you should own handbags, to be precise types of handbags, you should pat yourself for choosing to be stylish and organized. Remember that saying always: No woman ever said she had enough handbags!

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