9 days, 9 Awesome Bags for Navratri

Navratri is coming and we just cannot keep calm. If you have already started shopping and sorting out what to wear when then we have some cool ideas to spruce up your Navratri look. Make these nine days awesome with nine trendy bags from Baggit.

Day 1 – Orange

The first day of the auspicious festival is symbolized by Orange colour. It represents brightness and energy. So pick up an orange outfit and match it with the bright orange, top handle saddle by Baggit.

Day 2 – White

The second day of Navratri is symbolized by White colour. It represents purity and you should wear a white colour dress on this day. Match it with sweet, light colour, glittery sling by Baggit – CROCUS to amp up your look.

Day 3 – Red

The third day of the festival is symbolized by Red colour. It represents power, passion and fervour. It is also believed to be the Goddesses’ favourite colour. So match it with the beautiful, dual carry by Baggit – PHANTON to go bold.

Day 4 – Royal Blue

The fourth day of Navratri is symbolized by royal Blue colour. It represents strong energy and tranquillity. Match it with a royal blue Anarkali dress and match it with the trendy, holographic sling – GLADIOUS to look graceful.

Day 5 – Yellow

The fifth day of the auspiciousness is symbolized by Yellow colour. The colour represents happiness and brings optimism in life. Prep up in yellow traditional wear and match it with the bright yellow, tote – JASSIE by Baggit to move on in style.

Day 6 – Green

The sixth day of the festival is symbolized by Green colour. The colour represents prosperity and unconditional love. So pick your favourite dress and match it with the vegan, green-hued hobo by Baggit.

Day 7- Grey

The seventh day of the festival is symbolized by Grey colour. It represents the dignity and connects you to the divine power. Wear your grey coloured dress with a trendy, Croco textured dual carry – PARRCODE by Baggit to move seamlessly.

Day 8 – Purple

The eighth day of Navratri is marked by Violet colour. The colour represents aspiration and power. Show your royal side up with a stylish, light violet colour dual carry – BENTUM by Baggit.

Day 9 – Peacock Green

The last day of the festival is marked by Peacock Green colour. The colour symbolized wisdom and balance. Get festive ready with this Baggit sling – MAG by Baggit to match with your festive outfit.

Ready to ace the Navrati looks? Tell us in the comments below how you are going to bold the looks in the comment. Keep shopping from http://www.baggit.com

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