The Croco Solid Collection for a Cruelty Free Wardrobe

Embracing environment-friendly fashion has always defined Baggit as a popular accessory brand. Since its inception Baggit has been a vegan brand and has started designing and manufacturing handbags made from cruelty free material. While Baggit is also making its step forward to sustainability, for buyers we have just our latest collection launched – The Croco-Solid Collection to shop consciously without compromising on style. Have a glimpse of the trendy, handbag styles for a cruelty-free wardrobe.


The Croco-Solid Collection by Baggit consists of an entire range of saddles, wallet-slings and top handle bags. The handbags are made from croco-texture and made from cruelty free material. Each style is available in neutral colours – classy tan and black colour. The handbags are perfect to carry from brunch-to-dinner meets.


Just when you thought of twinning, you get these croco-textured saddles – DEBOLINA, made from cruelty-free material and with a string lock attached to it. Go stylish with this vegan, animal print saddles now.

Loved the collection already! Then what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest store and make the collection all yours. Till then enjoy shopping at

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