Quirky It bags by Baggit You Didn’t Know You Needed

Every season we seek for the latest It bag. Perhaps it is the colour, shape or the style of the bags. But one thing which is for sure is whether you are looking for a classic black bag or a fluorescent bag to scream attention, a colour-block bag has the instant power to transform every look of yours in rotation. So, this season we suggest you to consider not settling for a single colour, but pick a colour-blocked style bag, to bring-in all the fun and colour tone to match your #ootd or #ootn looks.

Colour blocking can come by way of squares, stripes or rectangular form, but the effect always gives a sporty vibe to even the most offbeat bag shapes. And with the continuous rise of elevated athleisure, we aren’t certainly complaining. Even the international players in the handbag market has done some bizarre styles in the colour block making backpacks and tote lovers go awe. Certainly, with this new range of colourblock bags, Baggit has made it quirky and fun with adding camouflage print to the most iconic shapes. Have a look before you completely make them yours.

Sweet-Neutrals as colour block to Sling in Style

Camouflage blend with Colour-block for an Evening Soiree

Mini wallets in colour-block for your Everyday Ease

Iconic Saddles in solid-colour block for Dinner plans

Which one are you going to pick? Tell us in the comments. Till then keep shopping from http://www.baggit.com

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