Vegan fashion is fashion sourced from cruelty-free material for your everyday accessories like clothes, handbags, shoes are. It’s fashion which is made without harming any animals. It’s like getting the trend-led accessories into your wardrobe guilty free. Of course, there are more reasons to choose vegan fashion. On this World Vegan Day, we list down five reasons why you should choose vegan fashion over cruel fashion.

Showing compassion to every kind

By buying vegan accessories you show compassion towards every kind. The humans who work their souls out to kill animals and the animals who undergo the painful processes of animal testing and also slaughtering. Your choice of vegan fashion can extend support to man and animals suffering at the hands of cruel fashion.

Saving the environment

One of the most polluting industries in the world is the leather industry. The global production of leather is about 24bn m2 which presents a substantial challenge. By making a simple choice, you can do your every bit to bring down this level of pollution globally.

Better alternatives with technological advancement

With the advancement of technology, today there are so many better alternatives available which are eco-friendly and can give a run for quality and aesthetics both. Such as cruelty-free Croco texture, snakeskin texture bags by Baggit which looks exceptionally fashionable and comes with a guarantee of durability and leather-alike finish.

To feel happy and responsible

Every time that a decision is taken consciously, we feel happy and more aligned with who we are. The thought of wearing an animal skin, though the process is masked cannot make it alright. It’s always pleasing to make a choice that fits better with our real self.

Most of you are aware of the above-said points but it takes courage to take a stand for the right. So this World Vegan Day, take a stand with Baggit to make your fashion choice cruelty-free. Join the fashion revolution today – http://www.baggit.com

#Govegan #Choosecrueltyfreefashion

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