The Look-in Collection: Discover Yourself

The Look in Collection by Baggit is a brand new range of fashion accessories designed and curated by Vedoci Lekhi, under the guidance of Baggit MD & Chief of Design, Nina Lekhi. The collection is a breath of fresh air that catches the pulse of the youth and brings out the best in you. It is perfect for the vibrant young lady who loves to be ahead of the trend and loves cool and funky handbags and accessories. Discover yourself with Look-in by Baggit.


What makes you high? Have you tried life?

Think about what makes you high. “Look-In” presents Glitter, a showstopper sling-bag. Pair up this super-fun sling bag with your favourite outfit and be ready to get high on life. Have you got it yet? Shop now on:


Does your love radiate on your face?

Let the love radiate on your face. If you do everything from your heart and love everything that you do then it will always radiate immense joy and happiness. Just like this bucket-sling hobo that exudes charm every time you carry. Shop now on:


How about loving yourself unconditionally?

When you love yourself unconditionally, you discover beauty all around you. Move on in with this trendy, waist bag that will make you groove and make you the talk of the town. Let your love for yourself exude and never stop shining. Shop now on:


Don’t earn, but attract.

Have you ever thought of attracting success as you walk? This sling bag doubles as a wallet and is designed for those on the go. Just grab it and go where your vibe takes you. What’s great is that it’ll look fab with all that you wear. Shop now on:


Do your emotions run you? Or, do you run your emotions?

Won’t it be fun to go everywhere with your BFF? This bag could just be your BFF for life. This cute and dainty backpack will make you go hands free and never let you be lonely. Grab this fun bag to take charge and have unlimited fun. Shop now on:

To discover more products from the Look-in collection, continue reading our next blog:

Till then keep shopping from :

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