The Look-in Collection: Discover More

The brand new range of Look in Collection by Baggit is now already at stores and online. While you might have already got your hands on to the awesome bag range, here are a few more that you must check out before heading to stores or shopping online. Discover yourself with Look-in by Baggit.


Do you know you can attract money?
The Zooozs is the swagger master that you wanted to own forever. Attract abundance, wealth and money with this chic and compact, briefcase silhouette handbag by Baggit. Be the swagger master of all trades!

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High on Life!
Aren’t you supposed to be high on life? This stylish trinket LP Triangle is your ticket to get high on life. Keep your headphones or car keys and get your miniature essentials at a go.
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I decide my vibe!
If you decide your vibe, you bring immense joy in your life. So, why not create a rainbow as you walk with an uber-cool vibe? Grab this trendsetter bag and arrive in style. This thing of beauty is going to make everything that you wear look sharp and stylish.
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Do you do what you love? Or do you love all that you do?
Choose what you love and pursue it with all your heart. Get ready to be a rock star with our trendy, holographic, circular sling bag. It is sure to liven up your mood and jazz up any outfit.
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What’s stopping you? Is it the barrier within you?
It is time for the world to witness how awesome you are. Rise and shine with this most versatile bag. This magical bag has a room for all your favourite essentials. You can either pack stuff for college, dance class, or an outing with friends. This bag will let you break free from the limits and conquer.
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So what are you waiting for? Rock the look of the season with “Look-In” bags by Baggit.

Look-in is designed and curated by Vedoci Lekhi, under the guidance of Baggit MD & Chief of Design, Nina Lekhi. The collection is a breath of fresh air that catches the pulse of the youth and brings out the best in you.

Shop collection now at stores and

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