How to ace the retro look at parties?

Weekend parties are a lot of fun especially if it is a theme party. You can turn wildly creative, funny or show your jaw-dropping style skills at the party. So if your NY party plans have not slowed down yet, you should definitely pick the retro style for the next party plan. Here are a few style tips that you can try and give your party look a rocking update.

Wear Pretty Polkas

Nothing is more retro than wearing a pretty polka dress to a party. Opt for a bright colour polka-dotted dress moving out from your comfort zone to get the look right. After all, retro was all about going bold and loud which may be different from how you dress up every day? But we suggest – Give it a chance and get a little tacky! Oh did we tell you, carry a retro-styled O-ring closure sling to look the perfect retro-chic?

Wear Floral Prints

There is something about floral prints that scream retro. So if you want to give your retro style a modern twist then wear a floral print dress and match it with a retro-styled handbag to give your outfit a retro vibe. Simple yet retro! What say?

Bring out the Hippie in you

From bright colours to crazy ways of accessorizing, the retro style is always inspired by a lot of hippie looks. So bring out the hippie in you by wearing a round tinted glass, a bold colour hairband and a classy O-ring closure textured sling to nail the retro look. Add light eye shadow and heavy eyeliner to the lids to round up your retro look.

So which one are you going to try? Tell us your favourite one in the comments below. Till then keep stylish and shopping from

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