“Fashion is the armour to escape everyday reality”- this is a phrase that sums up our entire existence. The boring monotonous lives have always been a constant, but it is fashion that is our ultimate escape from monotony and boredom. Baggit paved its way into the fashion space at 1990 aiming to provide consumers with fashionable handbags and accessories in pocket-friendly price. As Baggit MD Nina Lekhi quotes “The idea of making the kind of bags that I wanted was – bags with attitude. Bags that will be fashionable, boast of high quality and with an indigenous origin.”

Thus began the journey of Baggit in India. The choice of making Baggit a purely cruelty-free fashion brand, however, lies in the experience of bag making by Baggit Founder Nina Lekhi “I realized on going cruelty-free with Baggit when I first bought a patch of cowhide, treated it and coloured it, kept in my verandah overnight to dry. In the morning my entire bedroom was stinking. I felt terrible and disgusted and decided not to use leather ever for my products. That’s how I realized working on cruelty-free material was the best idea.” All the Baggit handbags and accessories are made from cruelty-free material and redefine vegan fashion in India.

With the growing awareness, consumers today value and opt for an environment-friendly product. Baggit being the market leader in handbag fashion in the country aims to become a responsible fashion brand, which not only aids consumers fashion sense as well as the society at large. The larger goal is to become a responsible and sustainable fashion brand.

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