How to travel light and look good at the same time?

If you are an avid traveller and feel the challenge of looking fashionable at the same time, then we are there for you. As we believe travelling light and looking fashionable at the same time is possible, here we bring you a few tips that will keep you looking stylish without a lot of effort on the road. 

Pack Clothes in coordinating colours 

When packing clothes for your travel, choose outfits in matching colours so that you can mix and match each piece, thus creating multiple outfits for different days. Such as if you are heading to an urban destination, you can always combine black, blue, white and neutral colours. Whereas if you are heading towards the beach, you can carry a lot of bright hues like – orange, yellow or florals as it always works. Also, you should wear each piece two or three times to carry less yet look stylish.

Accessorize the Minimal way

A few accessories can change your entire outfit and can do wonders to your look. A statement cocktail ring, costume jewellery and a pair of over sized earrings always work. Always carry your skincare products in a sleep pouch to save space and get them at ease. A sling always works well for your city visits while a small backpack can carry your knick-knacks and mini-sized travel kits for hands-free, sight-seeing. 

Minimize the Shoes you carry

Ladies, we tend to carry all our shoes, right from our flats to stilettos, loafers to converse, slippers to low boots. What you can do is simply minimize the number of shoes to travel light. Choose a few pairs, a maximum of three on any trip. Such as a pair of comfortable sneakers when flying, loafers or bellies for daytime commute, and heeled pumps or ankle boots for evening plans.

And last but not the least, as athleisure clothes and accessories are becoming increasingly fashionable you can always wear exercise clothes for long-haul journeys. You can even try a stylish athleisure style, two way carry bag for an incredibly stylish and hassle-free city tour.

Isn’t easy to travel light and be stylish at the same time? Try out the above tips and let us know your suggestions to travel comfortably and in style. Till then keep travelling and shopping for your travel needs from

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