The Government declared extended lockdown is here and we all have to face it. A three week extended lockdown with already the existing one, we know how it feels like! But for the safety and contain the coronavirus spread we all have to together do it. So here we are with some cool easy ideas that will make your bored to death condition better and happier.

Reading Books/Ebooks

If you have always been complaining that you do not get enough time to finish reading the books lying at your book-shelf – Now is the perfect time to take those books out of the shelf and indulge reading those. With an assured no-break in between, you can completely immerse yourself amid books and satisfy your bibliophile self.

Binge-Watching – Movies & Web series

Home quarantine must be giving you an endless weekend vibe? With absolutely no way to go outdoors, you can enjoy binge-watching new web series and movies with your partner, family or self. After all, there is no stopping from anyone coming, right?

Online Shopping/Wishlisting

Shopping is always a stress buster and irrespective of gender, online shopping is the best therapy to beat the boredom. While many websites like www.baggit.com and fashion brands, big e-commerce giants are currently not accepting any orders. You can always wishlist your favourite outfit, accessory, gadgets and buy when things are once again back to normalcy.

Social media Challenges and Giveaways

With online space especially with social media – Instagram and Facebook, you can always have new and interesting challenges coming from celebs, brands and friends, you can always indulge in those for some fun. You can also be more creative and test your wit with fun and really interesting giveaway participation by Baggit and many of your other favourite brands. What say?


As if motivating ourselves to use our gym memberships wasn’t enough. Now that we are confined in between the four walls, staying in shape is a challenge. That we don’t want to compromise on our body shape is enough motivation to practice some of the exercises at home. You can throw yourself a 21day home workout challenge, in case you don’t want to lose the motivation.

Which one are you going to try? Comment to let us know how you are beating the home quarantine boredom and we shall be back with some more tips in our next blog. Till then, stay safe, stay home and stay happy.

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