It’s been weeks now that we’re all quarantined at home. Many of us might be feeling stuck, or getting bored to death, but staying at home is probably the safest way to contain COVID 19. So now that we’re at home till further notice from the Government, let’s beat it with some fun and productive activities that have lost its way in our daily 9-to-9 life. Here we go:

Work your way through a new recipe

Stay Home, Stay Safe

This is the perfect opportunity to collect your cook books, look for some interesting cooking videos and dive in. Not only will it break your everyday monotony, but also you will get the time to master your cooking skills. Cooking is fun but it is more enjoyable when your family loves it back. Give your mom or spouse a break. Ready to be the Master Chef?

Declutter your Wardrobe

No need to wait for the weekend to clean up the wardrobe mess. Now that you’re at home, you can keep it spic and span every day. B-town celebs are also taking it to their Instagram handle showing how they are being productive in this period by posting pictures where they are cleaning their wardrobe. So when are you going to arrange your wardrobe?

Grow your green friends

Now that you have time to be at home, you can grow new plants and take care of them. Gardening is said to be one of the most relaxing activity that you can follow. For the ones who don’t have a garden or a backyard at all, you can get it on the fun with planting new saplings on your balcony or bedroom window or terrace. What say?

Try Creative Therapy

Crafting and getting creative is such a great way to break the boredom. You can try your hands on writing, bringing out your art supplies and trying your hands-on painting. Or you can try to sharpen your photographic skills if you have a camera at home. Also, you can try crafting new things by checking new ideas available online and explore your talent.

Meditate Everyday

You have heard about a lot and now is the time to start meditating. The disease is affecting our lungs and breathing, so it’s time we look within and meditate. Moreover, it’s a perfect stress buster and given the condition we’re in right now, it can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that is so required for us now.

Which one are you first going to start with? Comment to let us know. Till then, stay safe, stay home and stay happy. We shall get through this soon.

Pictures: Freepik

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