Five latest styles to grab at the Baggit Stay Home Sale!

Being quarantined is never a sweet feeling but learning about your favourite brand giving its products on SALE is surely a happy one. With Baggit offering an additional 10% discount along with a 50% discount, it’s time to get your hands on to styles that you have been eyeing on recently at Instagram and website. After all, saving is a great deal during this quarantine phase we are all in. So here’s a list of five bags that are our current favourite from the newest arrivals and at a discount on our website. Here we go:


Think pastels! And you’re ready to grab this stylish sling bag LP GARLAND by Baggit. What makes it truly unique and worth grabbing is its retro-styled buckle closure. Perfect for the brunch plans, isn’t it?

Shop now:


We were never meant to compromise on style, right girls? So getting a new handbag for post quarantine plans would be a nice way to start. This dual carry, boxy handbag from the latest arrival – L ASHER in discount is, therefore, a must pick.

Shop now:


All that we’re missing out now is our days of travelling solo or with friends. So getting a new backpack and hoping to travel soon is encouraging. Grab this stylish backpack – L PANE now available at discount at our website.

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The quarantine is making us more desperate about meeting our friends and party like good old days, So, when thinking about those party plans, we can well imagine a shimmery sling to grab eyeballs. Get the ultimate party look with this stylish, party sling – L SCOTTIE at our website now.

Shop Now:


It’s going to be all exciting to meet your bae after the quarantine. So keeping it safer, carrying your masks and sanitizer will always be a good idea for both. So a casual sling would be a perfect pick to carry your essentials. Get a stylish sling designed for men – G SOLVENT now.

Shop Now:

Which one are you going to grab? Comment to let us know. Check out more handbags for men and women now on discount at

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