As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, we are all pulled into a crisis that we had never imagined. The most challenging part however is not being home quarantined but definitely handling the self-isolation that we are forced upon, topping up with work-from-home (WFH) situation. To a certain extent, everyone is in the same boat, but the situation is uniquely unfolding for each of us. To get you through these professional challenge we share with you, here are some easy and relevant tips to stay productive at work and maintain your work-life balance.

  1. Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks in between long working hours is always necessary. Other than lunch break, take breaks for some coffee, meditation and a bit of exercise to break the work monotony. Stepping away from your computer for 15 minutes will help you refresh.

  • Set Reminders

It is always easy to get distracted when working from home. Even if you have a to-do-list for your everyday it’s extremely important that you set reminders on your phone. Putting an alarm will ensure that you have your work ready and send it on time. Taking an extra leap is after all always helpful!

  • Get Dressed Up

It can be extremely likely to fall into a uniform of sweatpants and pajamas when working at the comfort of home. But shirking the responsibility of getting dressed could actually have a negative impact. It can cause disturbance in your sleep patterns and take a toll on your productivity. So this is the perfect time to experiment, get dressed and work from home like a boss.

  • Connect with your Community

Working remotely brings a lot of loneliness, isolation and disconnection problems. So it’s very important to keep in connection with your friends and office peers. So finding ways to connect virtually with your community will always make you feel connected and create a feeling that you all are working together.

Which one are you going to implementing in your everyday work from home routine? Comment to let us know. If you have missed the first part of the blog, find it at

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