Feel Yellawesome with SS 20 Collection by Baggit

The flavour of this season revives “yellow” in earthly, baked and marvellous hue. The new yellow this season is “Mellow Yellow”, a colour trend anticipated by world trend forecasting company – WGSN. The colour which stands for optimism and happiness also stands for deceit and warning. And that’s how the SS-20 collection by Baggit resonates itself today with optimism amid the prevalent global crisis – COVID 19. With versatile styles soaked in this colour variant and crafted in 100% cruelty-free material, take a look at some of our favourites below :

With a perforated design on the flap and soaked in the mellow yellow colour, the LP SNARE by Baggit is our personal favourite for its rare print, structured silhouette and organized space. What makes it fashionable is the metallic chain strap and detachable sling strap to carry it the way you want to flaunt.

Shop Now : https://www.baggit.com/lp_snare_lori_7_h_ochre_yellow_l

Sporty and stylish with the trendy net and cage pattern design, the LP LOCKUP by Baggit is our next favourite for its casual look, structured silhouette and contrast colour top handle. What makes it stand out is the warm yellow hue and featuring dual carry feature for casual dressing.

Shop Now: https://www.baggit.com/lp_lockup_lori_7_h_ochre_yellow_l

Make comfortable dressing fashionable too. With our third on the list is this yellow colour dipped backpack – L PANE by Baggit featuring an intertwined metallic top handle and well-defined silhouette to carry your knick-knacks and wander in style. The surprising element is its dual carry feature.

Shop Now: https://www.baggit.com/l_pane_y_g_z_lori_7_h_ochre_yellow_m2

Parties do not have to mean a black dress or a black bag. It’s time to reinvent party styles and accessories with adding fresh colours to it. The L ZUPPE by Baggit, with its unique chain-insert top handle and dipped in bright yellow colour is the perfect reason to carry it at brunch-to-casual outings.

Shop Now: https://www.baggit.com/l_zuppe_y_g_z_lori_7_h_ochre_yellow_s2

So what are you waiting for? Add a fresh dose of the trendy and warm yellow in your wardrobe by picking our yellow favourites at http://www.baggit.com

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