Since the beginning of the coronavirus threat in India, we’ve been assessing the situation and working on to ensure the well-being of the community. When COVID-19 initially started in mid-March and we had to shut down our stores, allow our employees to work-from-home, we knew that we would all be able to do it together. We all have been battling hard in our ways, but as a brand, what stood by us is our values and working our way to serve the community better. And here we are today, with Lockdown 4.0 in India and the Government declaring some of the places as green zones, we are back much stronger and putting hygiene as the topmost priority for our store staffs, customers and delivery partners.

As we first opened our store at Panjim in Goa, followed by Kamanhalli and Jayanagar stores in Bangalore, our fourth being in Pondicherry, here’s how we are following all the local authority guidelines and extra precautionary measures for your safety:

  • Keeping sanitizers at all store entry points
  • Cleaning our stores at frequent intervals
  • Sanitizing the doors & handles frequently
  • Mandatory masks and full sleeve shirts for store staffs
  • Only two shoppers allowed in-store to maintain social distancing
  • Mandatory hand gloves and masks for customers.
  • Less dependence on cash transactions

As online services have now resumed with deliveries happening at selected locations, we are strictly adhering to government-regulated mandates. We are carefully shipping your orders and ensuring that your order reaches your doorstep completely contactless from our delivery person.

Today, hygiene is not just a post-COVID precautionary measure but it will be inculcated in our value system for the health and safety reason of all. While, the beginning always needs a lot of effort and courage, but with your support, and love we are sure we would be able to pull it together and come out stronger.

Stay tuned for more updates at and our social media handles! Let your support towards #MadeinIndia brand, Baggit keep coming like always.

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